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Ask me questions!

I would like to thank you all for the amazing feedback and encouragement, in the last couple of weeks. It has definitely boosted my confidence in my writing and makes me a lot more comfortable in sharing my stories. I am incredibly grateful to you!

It was also interesting to note that a lot of the things I write about from the hearing loss perspective, a lot of my friends (some I have been friends with for years) did not realize these were challenges I was dealing with. The general feedback I got was they felt they could not ask questions they thought were super sensitive and I might feel uncomfortable answering these questions and will be offended.

I would like to encourage an open platform for you to ask me questions you would like to ask about hearing loss in general and my experience with it.

So go for it! Ask me questions! Either in the contact form / chat box or in the comment section. I will be sure to respond in a post next week!

I look forward to receiving your questions.

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